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“I mean软萌仙女白丝夹腿自慰滴蜡
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“I mean软萌仙女白丝夹腿自慰滴蜡

Sorry I haven’t posted any stories lately. ¼ of moving to a new area, ¼ of writer’s block, and 2/4 of pure laziness prevented me from doing so. Well anyway please enjoy. Waking up in my bed I opened my eyes and saw light spanned from the windows to across the room. I yawned softly before slowly sitting up. The feeling of the bed sheets sliding over my bare nipples as I sat up was quite pleasing. My wavy blond hair cascaded softly against my back as I stretched my arms in the air. For a moment I was puzzled by the fact that I fell asleep completely naked. Then a muffled snore startled me. I turned only to find lying besides me was Ryan who was still asleep. As Ryan laid there snoring lightly, I began to remembered what transpired the night before. I had lost my virginity and possibly took Ryan’s as well. Despite how much I enjoyed it, I was sure that my father would be deeply disappointed and possibly disgusted by my behavior. I glanced at the time; it was five o’ clock in the morning. I looked at Ryan, and as I remembered how good it all had felt, all worries and guilt had disappeared. I pulled off the sheets that were concealing him, revealing his naked toned body. I licked my lips as I looked at his limp cock. I crawled in between his legs and delicately wrapped my fingers around his cock and started to softly jerk him off. I watched in awe, as it slowly came to life by twitching and hardening. I spat on it and rubbed my saliva all over it, lubricating it. While I was doing this, I could feel warmth building in between my legs. When his cock was fully erected, I stuck it in my mouth, I allowed it to sit in my mouth while my tongue explored its length. I heard a groan from Ryan, I started bobbing my head up and down taking in more of his cock into my mouth. I moaned as I was finally able to get his entire cock in my mouth, I gagged as I felt it hitting the back of my throat. “W-what are you doing.” I heard Ryan moaned, my eyes looked up to see Ryan squinting as he tried to hide the pleasure he was feeling. I let his cock popped out of my mouth, and once again started stroking him. “Good morning.” I said happily. Ryan didn’t reply, he leaned back with a groan as my fingers gently massage every inch of his cock. When I noticed his body slightly jerked a few times, I knew he was about to cum. I slipped his cock back into my mouth and once again began to caress it tenderly with my tongue while bobbing my head back and forth. My hands grasped his balls and played with them. Ryan grunted as he came, his cum flowed from his cock into my mouth, although it wasn’t as much as the day before, it was still something to be desired for. When he finished cumming, I let his deflated cock slipped out of my mouth. I slowly swallowed his cum, the feeling of it trickling down my throat was wondrous. I waited for Ryan to catch his breath. “That felt good,” Ryan admitted weakly after catching his breath. I smiled at him, “I’d thought you’d say that.” “Why are you like this?” I heard Ryan asked, “You weren’t like this before.” “Ever heard of the terms farce, trickster, charade, etceteras, well I’m all of the above.” I told him simply. Ryan glared at me, “That makes sense, since you’re pretty good at putting up a front.” “Well I was always told that I’d make a really exceptional actress.” I said as I got up from the bed and grabbed a clean set of clothes from the dresser, I managed to get a plain red shirt and a pair of snow white panties on when I glanced at Ryan. He was still sitting there with his head down as if thinking. From his expression I had a hunch of what he was thinking.I smirked and said, “Oh were you disappointed by the fact I’m not a little princess. No that’s not right, I meant to ask, were you turned off by the fact I’m not a little princess, who’ll whimper for you to stop or beg for you to release her.” Ryan slightly flinched as my words impaled him; I smiled as I enjoyed the progress and continued onward, “I guess it’s true. You were hoping for a gentle, elegant, well mannered girl who you can have a steady relationship with. Sorry kid, this isn’t La La Land, wake the fuck up before you get hurt.” Ryan’s head jerked up, his face contorted with rage, “Yeah, I should’ve figured that when I caught you rubbing your pussy to a corny porn video, dirty slut.” He spat each word out. I smirked down at him and countered, “That’s probably true, but guess what? You’re this slut’s bitch. Did you expect me to crawl towards you all embarrassed and beg you not to tell anyone? Sorry Ryan I don’t work like that.” Ryan jumped off the bed and lunged for me, he pushed me against the wall, his hands gripping my shoulders tightly. “Calm down,” I told him inertly, “Don’t make another move or I’ll have to toss your ass around.” He looked somewhat puzzled, so I enlightened him, “Aikido works wonders, don’t you think.” He slowly pushed himself off me, yet his glare remained undeterred, then he said, “I’ll just report you for sexual harassment then.” “How dumb are you Ryan, I thought you were smarter than this, sure you can have me reported for sexual harassment, but I’ll have your ass in court for rape, especially a young virgin girl like me.” “Wait you’re not a virgin, you didn’t bleed,” Ryan interjected. “No duh I didn’t bleed, bleeding doesn’t mean you’re a virgin or not.” I told him, “I had already broken my hymen a while ago while masturbating.” Ryan tried to say something, but I cut him off, “If I remember correctly, you came inside me right? You probably got me pregnant.” Even though at the moment the chances of me getting pregnant were pretty low, I wanted to fool around with Ryan. “Whatever,” Ryan said as he got up and gathered his stranded clothes off the floor and pulled them on. Before he left, I called out to him, “Hey do you have a cell phone?” I asked him. Later that day I was sitting reading a few files I had sent to me. The files contained the information I needed on Ryan. His high school grades were indeed exceptional; his family could be considered middle class. I initially wanted to just find out his medical history, but in the end, I found out even more juicier facts. I was able to find out his address and home phone, so I began to lay my plans together for my fun today. I grabbed my cell phone and called Ryan through the cell phone I just got him earlier. “Who is it?” Ryan finally answered grumpily. “It’s me, your mistress,” I said crossing my legs firmly. “What do you want from me?” He said. “I’d like to pay my bitch a visit,” I told him simply, “When’s the right time.” He hesitated because he knew that he couldn’t refuse me. I heard him sigh, “Hold on, lemme ask my Mom to find out.” I waited for awhile, then when he finally got back on, he told me that 3pm would be fine. I got dress in a more casual attire of a navy blue skirt that barely reached my knees, a plain white button shirt, white ankle length socks, and brown pair of sandals. After grabbing my favorite black bag, I immediately headed out. The lobby was empty today, so there weren’t that many people out. On regular occasions I would just have Steward drive me, however since the house was only ten minutes away walking distance, I decided to go on foot. Finally when I did get there, I made several mental notes regarding to the outside of their one story house, I had to admit, it was quite big, well tamed, and the yard was also trimmed acceptably. The time was barely over 3pm, so I tapped the door lightly, I only had to wait a minute before the door was literally yanked open by a panting woman, who carried a feather duster in her hand. “Oh, you must be Ryan’s friend, Rose right?” asked the woman. I nodded and smile sweetly, she let me in and introduced herself as Ryan’s mother, Mrs. Wilter. The inside of the house was furnished quite well and was tidy neatly. Mrs. Wilter took me to the kitchen and had me sit down. She smiled modestly at me and sat down across me. “So tell me about yourself Rose,” Mrs. Wilter said pleasantly, “Sorry if I seem so blunt, it’s just that Ryan hasn’t had a female friend in years. So I’m interested to know what girls other than my daughter are into these days.” I smiled, and gave a brief description about myself, and in return, I learned a thing or two myself. Mrs. Wilter was a widow, her husband, Ryan’s father died of cancer years ago. Despite the rough bump in her life, Mrs. Wilter didn’t let it get her down, instead she decided to live her life out to the fullest. In fact she had so many stories and experiences, that they each seemed to string together into a book. She was telling me a time when she was climbing Mt Everest, when suddenly she stopped and looked up, “Oh you finally woke up Jaina,” I turned my head, and found myself staring in shock. Standing at the entrance was a pretty cute girl with silky black hair with blue highlights at the sides of her hair. She looked like she was my age, she was only a few inches shorter than me. She was wearing a tight orange tank top, with blue shorts. But her curves were what had my attention, while her ass was well rounded, it was still inferior to my own, her tits however were another story. She had big sag-free firm tits that truly surpassed mine. She was for some reason scowling at me. “Who the hell is this?” Jaina asked Mrs. Wilter. Mrs. Wilter seemingly unaware of Jaina’s hostility answered, “Oh this is Rose, she’s a friend of Ryan.” I heard Jaina whispered, “The hell she is.” I instantly found myself wondering what was her problem, at first I thought Ryan had probably told her what had happened, but considering how kindly Mrs. Wilter had welcomed me, I figured that wasn’t the case. Taking note of her expression, I finally of understood the reason for her unwarranted hatred for me, and when I did, I thought, “Shit are you for real.” Jaina strolled away, not before sending another glare at me, Mrs. Wilter sighed, “I’m sorry for Jaina’s behavior. Since she’s 17, and since she’s the youngest, I’m afraid that Ryan had spoiled her far too much. As such she’s became attached to him and hate almost any other girls he ever been friends with.” That immediately confirmed my theory; Jaina had a sibling complex for Ryan. “But I’m sure you two will be the best of friends,” Mrs. Wilter ejaculated to me with a smile. I couldn’t help but smile back to her. Suddenly Ryan came into the scene drinking a water bottle; he stopped when he noticed me. He was wearing black sweats, and a thin muscle shirt. He was sweating since his black hair was plaster across his forehead. “Ah hey,” He said to me. “Hello,” I said smiling slightly tilting my head. His mother stood up and told Ryan that she had to go to work in a few minutes and she told me to make myself comfortable. I told her thanks, and within ten minutes she left. “Sorry,” Ryan said. I looked at him in puzzlement, “I mean, our house must look dull and boring to you.” I shook my head, “Actually it’s livelier in a day than my home is in a year.” He looked at me in surprise, “Really?” I nodded, “I’m not saying I’m not happy at my home, it just lacks excitement.” We continued talking, at the same time, he told me to follow him to his room. Upon getting there, I was surprise by how neat his room was. His bed was made and straighten, all of his books were placed in a row alphabetical order. Ryan’s room were filled with many interesting toys, games, and gadgets. What really interest me however was a pile of cards on his computer desk. I picked them up and looked through them and grew more fascinated with them. The back of all of the cards were the same which consisted of brown swirl into a black oval. The front however had pictures of animated monsters on it. “What are these?” I asked him holding them up. “Those are Yu-Gi-Oh cards, they’re based on an anime show” He told me. “Is it fun to play,” I asked reading each of the cards. “Yeah, but I haven’t played them for years.” He answered. “How come?” He shrugged, “There’s no one to play it with.” “Oh,” I said, then I changed the subject, “Hey what’s wrong with your sister?” He gave a heavy sigh, “What are you talking about?” I told him what I noticed and what his mom had told me. “Look she’s normal,” He began listing qualities that apparently made her a normal 17 year old girl. Yet none of them I heard even sounded normal. I barely noticed a golf ball size hole in the middle of his wall. While Ryan was busy talking about how his sister was a kind and earnest girl, I inspected the hole.I looked into the hole and to my surprise I saw that it connected to a completely girly room. Pink wallpaper supported that fact, there was stuffed animals tied to the ceiling, as well as a big puffy pink bed. Sitting on the bed was Jaina, she had her hands between her legs, her face was red with pleasure. The hole gave a pretty good view of the whole scene. She kept mumbling to herself, I had to strain my ears to hear exactly what she was saying, “Oh Ryan…that’s the spot…more…uh more please big brother.” My renowned devilish smile emerged on my face; I turned and looked at Ryan who was still talking. “Uh excuse the interruption Ryan, but please explained to me what the hell is this.” I asked casually. Ryan saw where I had indicated and muttered, “That’s a hole that I accidentally made. It’s gonna be fixed soon.” Considering the size and placement of the hole, I highly doubt it to be true. “Well look what’s going on in this hole,” I told him. He hesitated, but concurred. He stood beside me and looked through the whole, his face turning slightly red. Jaina had pulled off her blue shorts and bunched up her shirt, she grabbed one of her tits in her hands and gently massaged it, her fingers were going in and out of her pussy at a quick steady rate. She was biting her shirt, trying to muffle her erupting moans. Beside me Ryan was softly panting as well as slowing sporting a bulging hard on. “Oh so it’s not one-sided after all,” I said impishly. Ryan looked at me in surprise and tried to deny whatever I was gonna say. However, we both knew the truth. I knelt in front of him and rubbed a hand over his hard on. “So my little bitch here has an incest relationship with his younger sister huh?” “N..no,” He stuttered, I looked up at him, “We’ve never done anything like that, it’s always just been watching each other masturbate.” “Oh,” I stated pulling his lower garments down to his leg, revealing his big hard cock, “But, does that mean you want to fuck Jaina?” His eyes lit in horror at my question, he glanced at me before back into the hole. I slowly stroked his cock, waiting for an answer, I knew he was weighing the pleasure and the consequences, but in the end he came through. “Yeah,” He admitted weakly. I smiled and released his cock, “Good,” I told him. “Now if you want this to work out, then you’re gonna have to listen to me very closely. It’s time for operation Fuck Sis to commence.” Ten minutes later Ryan’s cell phone rang, it was from his work asking him to come in for important updates. Before he left, he knocked on Jaina’s door. “Yeah Ryan.” She answered bubbly. “I going to work now,日韩 精品 综合 丝袜 制服” Ryan told her, “Be sure you keep Rose company and be good.” “Yeah,” she said dully. When Ryan left, however she went straight back to her room and started playing the most annoying music, Barny’s theme song up loud. I actually felt like screaming, however thanks to being raised in an up manner fashion, I successfully restrained myself from doing so. Jaina was either trying really hard to get rid of me, or she has more problems than I thought, I was hoping it was the former choice. I decided to fake her out, by opening and slamming the front door. I quickly hid behind the couch, immediately the music turned off and Jaina emerged from her room to check if I was still here, when she didn’t see me she smirked. “Damn fancy slut.” She proclaimed happily before returning to her room closing the door. I slowly got up and went back into Ryan’s room and looked inside the hole. I’d figure the minx would be having her brotherly fantasies about now, my hunch was right. Jaina was back on the bed, fingering herself to no end, her face contorted into pleasure. I grabbed my black bag and opened one of the windows in Ryan’s room. I left his room and stood before Jaina’s door, I took a deep breath and grabbed the knob and twisted it open. “Well well well, what do we have here,” I mused, Jaina had once again pulled off her blue shorts and had her orange shirt bunched up, revealing her big tits. “W-what the hell.” Jaina exclaimed as she wrapped her arms around herself trying to conceal tits. “Didn’t you leave?” “Uhh no,” I said simply smirking at her. “I hid behind the couch.” “You fucking viper,” Jaina growled at me. “Why thank you.” I told her, “I suppose I do suit the role since you’re the retarded mouse that thought it was safe to come out.” “Fuck you,” Jaina shouted at me, “I don’t know what Ryan sees in you, you’re just a slut and nothing else.” “Is it me you hate, or..” I said inertly waiting for a response. “It’s you or any other girl who tried to get into his pants.” She said to me, “Ryan belongs to me, we truly understand each other.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, she sounded completely insane with a passion. “Oh well, just more fun in breaking her then.” I thought to myself. “So Ryan belongs to you huh? What happens if he starts dating another girl?” I questioned. “Simple,” Jaina said, “I’d get rid of her.” Then her eyes narrow, “No one’s gonna take Ryan from me, I’ll make sure of it.” “Well tough luck sugar.” I told her, “Because Ryan belongs to me. From what you told me, he was still a virgin until yesterday where I fucked him silly, oh and he enjoyed every last minute of it.” I watched as Jaina’s expression went from shock to anger. “YOU SLUT,” She roared, “HE BELONGED TO ME, I WON’T EVER FORGIVE YOU.” I couldn’t explain in words how much I was enjoying this, “Well if I’m a slut, that makes Ryan my bitch, and since you want to throw yourself at him, that makes you my sucker bitch.” The moment the words escaped my lips, Jaina leapt off her bed and rushed towards me, her feet pounding the floor in fury. Unlike Ryan I knew Jaina wouldn’t hesitate so in turn I wouldn’t either. I dropped my black bag on the floor, got into my stance. I made a small laugh at how many openings Jaina was practically showing me. The moment she reached out a hand to me, I pivoted to her side and grabbed her arm and the back of her head. Since I wasn’t aiming to actually harming her, I let both our weights to slightly drop forcing her head down to the floor. I stopped the moment her head was only a few centimeters from the floor. I loved her scared expression; she obviously was going through a surge of flashbacks. I let her drop gently on the floor. Looking down on her I barked, “Listen up, if you don’t want to get hurt, do exactly what I say.” She looked up at me fearfully, yet she was able to nod her head. I smiled and told her to get back on her bed and lay on it. I grabbed my black bag and pulled out some rope, she tried to resist at first but when I gave her a sideways glance, she became cooperative and allowed me to tie her hands together behind her back. I stood back and admire the view, Jaina laid on her back with her hands behind her tied. Her orange was still bunched up so they still revealed her big firm tits. Jaina’s nipples were the size of quarters and slightly darker than mine, her pussy was neatly trimmed as well. I bounded onto Jaina, my hands grabbed her tits and playfully massaged them. Despite their appearance, her tits were very soft. I twisted her nipples in clock-wise directions, then reverse. Jaina moans echoed throughout the room as I slowly worked my way down her body, I licked her stomach and enjoyed the way her body lurched upward from the effect. Eventually I made my way to her pussy. “Spread your legs,” I told her. Jaina did so willingly and within minutes I was licking her pussy, plunging my tongue deep into her pussy as possible, letting it touch every fold it had, allowing her juices to flow into my mouth. While this was going on, I playfully poked her asshole. Jaina’s body continued to shudder in pleasure until I cease my attack. I stood up and told Jaina to stand as well, she did eagerly, her panting slow, haggard, and yet desirable. I got my black bag and pulled out two objects, a long green dildo, and a seven beaded anal bead toy. I held them both up for her to see, “Which one do you prefer?” I asked with my devilish grin. Jaina eyed both of them eagerly, in the end however she chose the dildo. So I putted the anal beads back into my back, I was slightly disappointment, but I’ll just use them “next time”. I had Jaina to sit on her bed, and I held the dildo in front of her, “How long have you yearned to suck your brother’s cock huh?” Jaina stared at the toy like it was meat. “Go on lick it,” she hesitated but eventually she licked the tip of the dildo lightly. “Is that all you want from Ryan’s cock, a little lick.” I said to her, “C’mon, this is your chance to suck as much as you want.” Jaina took the hint and took it in her mouth and started to bob her head, quickly making it slick with her saliva. I held the dildo firmly, as the sound produced by Jaina sucking the dildo filled the room. After awhile, I pulled the dildo from her mouth and bent down in front of her. I kissed Jaina affectionately, at first she was surprised but she eventually reacted quite well. Our lips were upon one another as our tongues met and played with each other. At this point Jaina was getting hornier and her moans were growing more intense. Even I was getting wet, and soon the moans were coming from me as well. As much as I wanted to enjoy this more, I had other things in store for Jaina, so I quickly broke off our kiss. I sat down next to her and had her readjust herself so she’d be sitting on my lap her back facing me. Placing the dildo on the bed, I grabbed both of Jaina’s tits and gently massaged them, I couldn’t get enough of how amazing they’ve felt. “You’ve done well Jaina,” I whispered in her ear. “Thank you R..rose.” She replied. “Ah ah ah,” I said, “I am your mistress now, so how should you address me.” “Thank you Mistress Rose.” She moaned when I pinched her nipples. I smiled gently at her, “Very good. I think it’s time I reward you now.” I knew Jaina was getting close to an orgasm. “You want it don’t you. You want Ryan’s big hard cock. Don’t you?” I whispered in her ear. She nodded, “Yeah, but it won’t happen, because we’re siblings.” “That made be so, but that’s what makes it even better, doesn’t it.” I whispered, then I softly nibbled on her ear earning a quiet moan from Jaina. “But Mistress Rose, even if I want it, I’m sure Ryan wouldn’t.” Jaina whined. I smiled and said, “Oh you’ll be surprised. What do you think Ryan?” I felt Jaina’s body jumped as her door opened revealing a naked Ryan, with his fully erected cock pointing at her oozing precum. “But Ryan, didn’t you have to go to work. They called you.” Jaina questioned frantically. “Actually Jaina, Rose called my cell phone and had me wait outside, then she opened my bedroom window and I crawled in.” Ryan explained. I nodded, “And he got a front row seat through that hole in the wall.” “But..why.” She asked. “You see Jaina, Ryan also wants this sinful encounter to take place,” I said in her ear, “Didn’t you want this to happen?” She looked back at me then towards Ryan, but managed to nod, I smiled. “Now enough dawdling, Ryan it’s time to earn your blow job of the afternoon, from your sister.” I untied Jaina’s hands as Ryan approached us, he stopped right in front of her. Jaina looked up at Ryan and then took his cock into her mouth, she instantly gagged. Ryan moaned in pleasure as Jaina began bobbing her head up and down. “Did you cum yet Ryan?” I asked sternly as I massaged Jaina’s tits. “No, I didn’t touch my cock at all. Like your orders Rose.” He told me. “Good,” I said smiling, “But when you are about to cum, be sure to let us know.” “Understood.” He was able to say through gritted teeth. Jaina started going faster as she bobbed her head back and forth. Both she and Ryan’s moans became intense, I spent my time playing with Jaina’s tits and sticking my tongue in her ear. Jaina’s pussy became incredibly wet on my bare leg, I loved the feeling of her pussy rubbing against my leg. “I think I’m about to cum,” Ryan finally said. As soon as he said that, I stopped Jaina from continuing. Ryan had a look of agony on his face. “Patience, ‘kay,” I told him, “I wanna try something, so bend down a bit would ya.” Ryan did quickly, I lifted Jaina’s tits and wrapped them around Ryan’s cock. “Now you can cum.” I told him. Ryan began pumping his cock through Jaina tits. Jaina’s body shook as she began going through her orgasm. Her moans filled the room along with Ryan’s. “I’m cumming,” Ryan grunted as cum flew from his cock’s tip onto Jaina’s face and tits, I scooped some of up with a finger and had Jaina lick it clean. Jaina was a bit worn out, so I had her lay on the bed to rest, in the mean time I decided to have my fun. I bent forward using the wall as support and stuck my ass out. “Okay Ryan, stick your cock in my wet pussy.” Ryan nodded and knelt in front of my pussy and pulled down my panties and bunched up my skirt. Ryan kissed my pussy before allowing his tongue to relish in my secretes. “Oh my god,” I moaned as I felt him pushed his finger into my asshole. Ryan stood up and softly stroked his cock and positioned it at my pussy entrance. He shoved it in, quickly engulfing the both of us into of whirlpool of pleasure. Ryan grabbed my ass and filled his hands with each ass cheeks as he rammed into me. I pushed back as much as I could against each of Ryan’s thrusts. We continued moaning as the slick sound of Ryan’s balls smacking into my pussy persist to erupt. I moaned again as Ryan softly smacked my ass, delivering a rush of delight through my spine. “Yes, keep it up Ryan.” I gasped. “No problem,” Ryan groaned. Ryan slowly picked up the pace, and pounded into my pussy relentlessly. I could feel him squeezing and spreading my ass with each different thrust. I glanced back at Jaina, who was watching us lustily. I was getting close to my orgasm, however I don’t know about Ryan though. “Ryan how close are you to cumming?” I asked in between moans. “I guess I still got a way to go.” He grunted. “Good, then make me cum fast then.” I instructed him. He replied by ramming into with greater force, speed, and rhythm. I had to push back harder than ever to avoid being banged into the wall, but it was all worth it. I screamed in pleasure as Ryan unbuttoned my shirt and slipped his hand in it to squeeze my tits. I closed my eyes as I was overtaken by a powerful orgasm that shook my entire body. Ryan must’ve known, because he slowed his movements and brought me gently down. He held me until the orgasm ended, when it did he helped me stand properly. “Okay, now it’s your turn Jaina.” I said throwing my hair back. Ryan laid on Jaina’s bed, and I had her saddle Ryan, I helped positioned Ryan’s cock at her pussy entrance. “We’ll start slowly.” I assured her. She nodded, but she still looked a bit frightful. Jaina eventually let herself drop, shoving Ryan’s entire cock into herself. She moaned in pain, as her hymen broke. I kissed her sincerely as Ryan held still to let her get used to it. Eventually they started slowly, but they quickly built up momentum. Ryan thrusted into Jaina as much as he could, Jaina eagerly responded, she had her hands on his chest as her ass slammed onto his cock. I went on the other side and sat on Ryan’s head, I moaned as he grabbed my ass and pulled me closer onto him. My body shuddered as he breathed into my pussy and allowed his tongue to surge into it. I arched my back as I let out a soft moan, Jaina also moaned, since Ryan increased his speed. Jaina’s tits bounced along with her on Ryan’s cock. Jaina and I instinctively leaned forward and embraced each other in a passionate kiss. Our moans mingled with one another as our fest continued. Ryan’s body soon began to shudder, so I knew he was close to cumming. Ryan’s tongue flickered at my pussy lips, meanwhile I grabbed Jaina’s bouncing tits and played with them only to have her do the same with mine. We were all growing close to our second orgasm. Jaina was the first to cum, her pussy tightening on Ryan’s cock threw him into his orgasm as well. I came soon after Jaina began squeezing my nipples while she was being filled up with Ryan’s cum. Our screams of joy echoed throughout the room and possibly the house. Later that day, around 8pm Mrs. Wilter who had just gotten back from work was a bit sad that I was leaving. “Can’t you stay for the night,” She asked me. “I’m afraid I’ve haven’t brought a change of clothes with me.” I told her, “And I’d hate to impose more than I should on you.” Mrs. Wilter eyes sparkled, “Oh my gosh, you are so sweet,” then she turned to Ryan and said with a deadly force, “You better make sure, you take good care of her Ryan. You don’t find good girls like Rose, she’s unique.” Ryan gave a heavy sigh, “You have no idea Mom.” “In fact it’s late, so go walk her back.” His mom instructed him. “Kay.” Ryan mumbled. We waited briefly for him to get his shoes on, then we opened the front door to leave. “Wait Rose,” I heard Jaina called, she came down the hallway. She threw her arms around me and hugged me, when she released, she said sternly, “Don’t let it get to your head, I still don’t like you.” Then she ran back to her room, leaving all of us completely shocked especially Mrs. Wilter. “But you know, my mom’s right about you,” Ryan was saying as we were walking back to the hotel. I looked at him puzzled, “I mean you’re pretty unique or special,” He said blushing slightly. “Nah,” I said, “I’m not special. I’m just different.” I gave him a devilish grin, which he responded by smiling back. To Be Continued..