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it was so wet and sticky日日躁夜夜躁狠狠躁超碰97
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it was so wet and sticky日日躁夜夜躁狠狠躁超碰97

Prologue I am an 18 year old woman, tall and slim with large natural breasts and wide hips. I have large blue eyes and long flowing brown hair, my mothers. Both my parents are dead and I have been left the family estate, and I feel it’s time to run things a little differently.Chapter 1When I was just a little girl my mother passed away in a car accident, and my father raised me on our estate, on his own. But now I’m alone, on the estate, as he recently passed with cancer. Yes, I’ve got the maids and the butlers, but none of them are close to me except Lucy, my own ‘paid for friend’. When I was 14 my father got her for me as my very own ‘personal maid’.She was beautiful; tall and slim, but with large natural breasts. Her long blonde hair fell over her face and down on to her shoulders. She was everything I had ever wanted to be, the perfect teen age girl. We grew up together; she slept in my room and did everything with me. We became best friends, be as we got older things started to happen.I started to fall for her, my beautiful maid. It was my 16 birthday and normally she would watch me change then wait for me to leave and get changed. But this time she was up before me, I woke as she walked it to our room in a towel barely covering anything; there were water droplets on her legs and shoulders and I could see the tops of her nipples and just make out her labia.I told her to stop; she stood still and smiled at me. I sat up and told her to come closer; she stared at me and thought about what I was asking, but she didn’t question me and walked towards me. I stood up and placed my hand on the knot holding up her towel, she put her hand on top of mine and stared into my eyes. I nodded and she let go and smiled at me, I slid my fingers under the knot staring into her eyes I pulled up, I felt it undo and drop to her feet.I ran my fingers across her soft, wet flesh. I leant forward and kissed her soft pink lips, they where warm and wet. It was my kiss and my favourite; she forced her tongue through my lips and caressed the roof of my mouth. I pulled away and kissed the side of her neck, slowly kissing sweet spots I moved towards her breasts, when I reached her nipple I rolled it with my tongue. I felt it harden between my lips, it excited me.I could no longer fight my urges; I traced the contours of her stomach with my finger tips. I felt myself moisten to the thought of what I was about to do, I took a deep breath and slid my middle finger between her pussy lips, it was so wet and sticky, she showed a moment of weakness and whimpered as I slid my finger deeper in her. I pulled it out and tasted it, so sweet I needed to try it straight from the source. I whispered in her ear to lie on my bed.She stole a kiss and positioned herself on my bed with her legs spread and her knees high, I leant forward and placed my face as close to her pussy as o could without touching it and wrapped my hands around her thighs. I blow a stream of cold air on to her clit, I felt her twitch. I lifted my face and looked at her; she brought her hand towards my face and brushed my fringe behind my ear. She smiled and I dropped my face back into her pussy.I slid my right hand into my panties as I began to lick her clit, rubbed my over my pussy it was soaking, I force a finger in and shivered, I pushed it in and out faster and harder. She started to pant exciting me; I penetrated her with my tongue and used my left hand on her swollen clit. I could feel her pussy pulsing, I could tell she was about to explode. So I squeeze her clit as hard as I could, she grabbed the pillow and covered her mouth to muffle her screams. My mouth filled with her sweet hot cum, I filled my panties with cum from the taste of hers.I rolled onto my back and told her to clean me with her tongue. She rocked up on to all fours; she had little trails of cum between her legs that glistened in the light. She slowly pulled my panties down my legs, and with long strokes of her tongue she licked me clean. She rose to her feet and walked over to her bed; she bent down and pulled a shoe box from under her bed. She looked at me and smiled, that was her ‘thing’. She said she knew this time had been coming for a long time.She walked back to my bed and put the box down; she removed the lid and smiled. I sat up and looked in the box, it was full of sex toys and lubes, from a double end dildo to a strap-on and little love bug things. She pulled out the strap-on and buckled it in place, it turned me on to see her stood with a thick, pink, 12inch cock.I knelt down on the floor in front of her, and gripped it with both hands; my little hands only making it look bigger. I leant forward and tasted the tip with my tongue, it tasted like the strawberry lube she had in the box. She slid her hand around the back of my head and took hold of my hair. She pulled my head in and pushed her hips forward, forcing it into my mouth. Not giving me chance to deny it she started to fuck my face only pushing it in half way.I accepted and tried to keep her pace, she noticed my feeble attempt and slowed down but went deeper instead. She must have been fucking my face for at least ten minutes before she put her other hand on the back of my head and thrust forward ramming the whole thing in my mouth. I chocked and spluttered but she held my head tight stopping from pulling away, I looked up at her, she was grinning enjoying watching my choke on her fat cock. I could taste her juices seeping out around the leather. My eyes started to roll back and she let go.I feel on to my back, gagging for air, she rolled me over and knelt between my legs. She lifted my hips balancing me on my knees, I put my hands flat on the floor and pushed up on to my hands and knees. I screamed as she force her cock as deep as she could in my tight virgin cunt,久久青青无码亚洲av黑人 she grabbed a handful of my hair and yanked my head back, like it was a hand to stop me running. She forced herself deeper, harder and faster in to me each time, my groans encouraging her. I begged her to stop, but I hoped she would fuck me even harder for begging, and that’s just what she did.It was just a whimper that left my lips but she knew what I had said ‘I’m Cumming!’, she thrust one last time as hard and as deep as she could, so hard it forced me forward face planting the floor. As I exploded she put her forearm on the back of my neck stopping raising back up, she moved her left leg around to my side so she was on one knee behind me. Her fat cock still deep inside me, she leant forward and put her mouth next to my ear ‘did I tell you to cum!?!?’ she order an answer. I shook my in response, to tired to talk. ‘No, I didn’t think so!’ she answered quickly ‘You’re going to need punishing for that!’She reached over my head to the box, still in me, still pushing down on the back of my head, she pulled out a dildo as thick as a pint glass. She finally pulled her cock out of me to replace it with the mammoth dildo, it felt like she was ripping me apart, she forced it all the ways in then twisted it to the highest setting of vibrate. I felt the tingle all through my body.She ran her finger through the puddle of cum on the floor and tasted it ‘sweet virginity’ she said. The vibrations taking over my body, I felt my legs give way and I fell flat on the floor lying in a puddle of my own cum. I could feel her cock rubbing between my ass cheeks as she breathed; she now had a knee either side of my ass and she was sat on the dildo forcing it in deeper, she was using her left hand on the side of my face stopping me from looking at her.I couldn’t take it anymore, I was at the point of climax I begged her to let me cum but she denied. ‘Maybe I should make it harder for you?’ she questioned; I knew exactly what she meant, so with all my remaining strength I tensed my asshole. She slid back only forcing the dildo deeper into my cunt, I could feel the tip of her cock teasing my asshole.My ass was no match for her cock lubricate with my cum, one strong push and she was in my ass, as she penetrated my ass I exploded again shooting cum up her stomach and adding to the puddle I was lay in. For that she forced herself in my ass as hard and deep as she possibly could I screamed, but no-one heard because they were busy setting up for my party.She kept thrusting hard and deep as fast as she could go, her hips were a blur. ‘We’re gonna keep going ‘til I cum!’ she ordered, I could feel myself coming to the point of climax again. I exploded, I couldn’t take any more but she kept going. It must have been a good ten minutes before she came from the leather rubbing her clit.She stood up, unbuckled the strap-on, removed the dildo and put them back in the box, she then put the box back under her bed, picked up he tell. Then she walked over to me and whispered happy birthday in my ear, kissed my cheek and walked off, leaving me face down with a gaping cunt and ass in a puddle of my own cum. This became her present to me each year on my birthday.