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I remember- Great肉色超薄丝袜脚交一区二区
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I remember-	Great肉色超薄丝袜脚交一区二区

You may call me Mark LupinI don’t want to seem cold or anything, but I would prefer it if you did not know my true name. I’m 16 years old and I live in Canada. I’m white, not too tall, but I’m very strongly built. It’s not like I had rock hard abs or anything, but I’m pretty large and muscular. My hair is long and dark brown, just like my eyes. I may be young, but I still have a little beard I need to shave every once in a while.I’m smart, very smart and also very popular even if I’m quite the nerd. But Dungeon and Dragons and LARPG aren’t all my life, I’m also a sportive. For years I trained in Martial Arts, was captain of a football team and I just started Crossfit. My family is… well we are rich. Considering all of this, people could say I had everything:friends, brains, looks, class, money. But there was one thing I never had: Women. This drove me crazy. I had anything every teenager could dream about, except girlfriends. Even if I was sixteen, I never had any girlfriend. It’s not cause I was shy or anything, girls just didn’t seem to want to date me. It made me angry or sad at times, but I knew to find comfort in little things. That is why I was at the bar that night.I know I’m still a minor, but I look older and never had any trouble getting alcohol. I usually go to the bars with some of my friends, but tonight, I wanted to be alone. I’m not an alcoholic, but sometimes, scotch can make me feel great. So here I was, alone, drinking a twelve years old scotch. The bar I was in was downtown and pretty crowded. I was at my second glass when I noticed a pretty women looking at me across the bar. She seemed quite older than me, perhaps in the end of her thirties or the beginning of her forties, but she was in better shape than most women half her age. It’s not like she was wrinkled or anything, she just seemed older. She kept staring at me, I wondered why. I smiled at her, and she smiled back.She then started to walk towards me, moving her hips from left to right. She had green eyes and long red hair. She also had a small nose and luscious lips. She was also wearing a tight red dress, very short. I looked at her beautiful long legs as she walked towards me. Then I looked at her breasts. They were very big, it seemed that all they wanted was to pop right out of that sexy dress. When she arrived close to me, she took a moment to look at me. I felt my heartbeat accelerate. There was something special about this woman. I couldn’t tell what. So I kept smiling, looking confident and all. She also kept smiling at me. There was something in her eyes. She looked like a women who wanted something and knew exactly what.- Do you speak English?, she asked with a sultry voiceThat was a good question, because most of the people who lived in my hometown spoke only French. I was lucky, I spoke French, English and a little bit of Spanish.- Yes, I answered- Good, I’m Pamela, Pamela Hayton, she said while sitting next to meShe then reached out her hand, I noticed she was wearing a couple of rings, all of them adorned with huge diamonds.- And I’m Mark, Mark Lupin, a pleasure to meet you, I said as I shook her hand- The pleasure’s all mine Mark. I just bought a house a couple of miles out of town, and I felt so lonely… I needed someone to talk with.- You’re in luck, I said, I’d love to speak with youPamela started laughing quietly- I hope you’re ready to do more than just talk, perhaps later in the night…I felt her hand reaching down onto my thigh, I was quite surprised by the recent events.- Well, I said, let’s see where this night leads us…It was the first time a women was flirting this hard with me, I didn’t really know what to say.- Let me offer you a drink first, I offered- That would be lovely Mark, I would love some of your scotchI then waved at the barman, letting him know I wanted another drink. A few moments later, he came with the drink I had ordered.- So Pamela, what do you do for a living?- Nothing! Isn’t that wonderful? I inherited quite a fortune from my parents, this means I can spend all of my days doing nothing and enjoying life…- You’re a lucky women Pamela- Who knows Mark, she said as she moved her hand closer to my crotch, you too could become lucky.Then she winked at me. All of this had started to make me a little hard, not fully erect though.We continued talking, and drinking for quite some time.- I must say Mark, you’re pretty bold. You enter this bar and order some drinks even though you’re obviously still a minor. How old are you, 17, 16?- 16, I answered, not too loudly though, I didn’t want anyone else to hear it- You know, as a responsible adult, it would be my duty to tell on you… but don’t worry, I won’t.I laughed a little- Thank you Pamela- Still, I have the feeling I need a little compensation, for being so nice with you…- What do you want?She seemed to think for a moment.- I want to have fun, she said, I want you to come home with me. And because I feel you still owe me, you will do everything I ask, for tonight at least.- All right, I said.I felt a little amused by the situation, and a little aroused…- All right, now let me give you a taste of what’s to come…She then grabbed me by my shirt and kissed me passionately. Wrapping her tongue around mine and then forcing it down my throat.- Not bad Mark, not bad at all. Now come with me, I have a limo waiting for us outside.We then left the bar, I felt a little stunned by what had just happened. There was a big limousine waiting for us in front of the bar. The driver came out and opened the back door for us. The driver was a pretty blond girl who must have been in her early twenties. When I passed before her, she smiled at me.There was Champaign in the Limo. Pamela served it for me. When we got out of town, we rode for about half an hour. During the ride, Pamela kept caressing my legs… and my crotch. By then my cock had started to be kind of hard. When Pamela felt it, she started caressing that area of my pants a little. Stroking it gently.- Oooh, she said, it seems you are packing something quite big. I can’t wait to see it out in the open, but we’ll have to wait for that. Finally, we arrived at our destination. Pamela wasn’t living in a house, she was living in a mansion. It was huge and looked like a castle more than anything else. When we entered her huge hall, two very pretty girls were waiting for us in French maid outfits. One of was blond the other one was a brunette. It seemed like Pamela enjoyed pretty women, I couldn’t believe my eyes.- Mark, there is something I must tell you… I have a husband, a good for nothing idiot whom I don’t like. I married him a long time ago, even then I didn’t love him. We had a child seventeen years ago, my daughter, Holly, that’s why I married him, the biggest mistake of my life. I like our daughter very much, and I’m sure you’ll like her… But you don’t have to worry about my husband, he wouldn’t have to see me bring another man home if he was any good in bed…I didn’t know what to say… Honestly, I was too attracted by Pamela to care- No problem, I saidPamela than smiled lustfully- Good, and remember you have to do everything I ask- Don’t worry Pamela, I remember- Great, then get undressedI was surprised by her request. I didn’t move.- Here? , I asked- Yes, she laughed, I want you to get undressed hereI don’t know if it was the scotch, or Pamela, but I started unbuttoning my shirt.- Girls, help him, Pamela ordered.The two maids then got around me. One of them started taking my shoes and my socks of while the other was pulling my pants down. In only a few moments, I was completely naked, my penis was hanging between my legs. - I’m impressed Mark, I really love your cock. And you’re pretty muscular too…As I said, I was pretty good looking. I had a little hair on my chest, not too much. Pamela started caressing me.- You’re a man, she said, Just how I like them.Then, Pamela lowered her hand, slowly getting close to my cock. She then grabbed it with one hand,国产69精品久久久久9999不卡 and held it for a second.- Girls, she said once again, I want to see him fully erect, just don’t make him cum yet.The two girls smiled at each other and took off the top of their outfits. They were completely naked except for their gloves, shoes, socks and of course, their strings. The blond started kissing me and playing with my hair, while the other one, the brunette, got down on her knees and started playing with my dick. She began stroking it faster and faster, then she started licking it, wrapping her tongue around the tip of my cock. The blond one stopped kissing me, and went down on her knees also. The two maids started licking my dick, each of them took their side. The brunette then started playing with my balls, and after a moment, started sucking on them. The blond then started sucking on the tip of my penis. After a few moments, she grabbed the shaft of my dick and started sucking on it. She couldn’t fit all of my penis in her mouth, but it felt great. I was now completely hard. My penis was pretty large and measured a little bit more than 7.5 inches long. The brunette got up and gently pushed the blond maid aside, she then started to stroke my cock with both her hands. I glanced quickly at Pamela, I could see she was licking her lips. She stepped closer to me.- This will be enough girls… for now.The two maids stood up and kissed each other. They were holding themselves by the hips as they were staring at me. Pamela looked at my dick.- My my, she said, your dick is perfect- It also tastes great, said the brunette maid, isn’t that right Tiffany?- It is, Bethany, answered the other maidI heard steps coming from the stairs behind me. As I turned around, I saw a very pretty and young girl looking at me. She looked a lot like Pamela, they had the same red hair and green eyes. The only difference with the girl in front of me was that she looked younger and had smaller breasts. I presumed it was Holly, Pamela’s daughter. She was a beauty, wearing a tight black dress. I felt a little shy being naked and hard, but Holly had a lusty smile on her face.- This is your new plaything mother? I see why you’re interested in him, she saidShe paused for a moment, looking at me.- I hope you’ll be willing to share him, perhaps when you’re done having your fun.She continued to walk, when she arrived next to me, she gave me a kiss on the cheek and whispered to me:- We’ll have a lot of fun tonight…I looked at her as she exited to another room. Pamela was still looking at me.- Girls, she said, I want you to take him to the bathroom, although Mr Lupin smells very nice, I want you to wash him completely. In the meantime, I’ll prepare my husband for what’s to come…I wondered what was to come. I was surprised to learn her husband was here. What did she have in mind? My dick was too hard for me to think straight, but I decided whatever Pamela had in reserve for me, it could only be fun. As the maids led me to one of the bathrooms of the mansion, we passed a couple of other maids. All of them were young, very pretty, wearing a French maid outfit and smiled at me while staring at my cock. Two even stopped us and took a moment to stroke my dick. I felt great, not having the attention of women could be very hard for the ego, but this night, tons of women wanted to sleep with me. It was the best night of my life so far. We then arrived at the bathroom. It was huge and made of dark marble. Five people at least could fit in the shower. The maids, Tiffany and Bethany were still naked. Tiffany, the blond one grabbed my dick and pulled me into the shower.For almost half an hour, the girls poured soap on themselves and rubbed their perky breasts all over me. I was just standing there, hard as rock, looking at two beautiful naked girls rubbing themselves on me. It was the best shower of my life. They enjoyed cleaning my dick very much, I could tell. When they finished they rinsed me and dried my hair. When I asked if I could have some clothes, Bethany answered,- Mrs Hayton has forbidden you to wear any clothes in this house. If she changes her mind, you can have your clothes back. Honestly, I didn’t mind. It felt good to see all the women looking at me with lust. I didn’t care if I was a sexual object, it was fun. For the first time of my life, I felt truly desired. The maids then led me to another room. It was some sort of lounge or living room I figured. My family has a lot of money, and I live in a big house, but it was not as huge as Pamela’s mansion. When I entered the big room, I noticed five maids were waiting in the back. Pamela was there, sitting on a couch with another man.I figured it was her husband. He was not that old, perhaps even a little younger than Pamela herself. His hair was blond and he had blue eyes. He was frailer than me, but just as tall. At this time, my dick had gotten softer, but it was still very long and hanging between my legs. When they saw me, Pamela and her husband stood up. - There he is! said Pamela, That is what a real man looks like Nick.Nick didn’t say anything. Pamela grabbed my hand and pulled me forward. I was feeling quite happy, to be put above another man like that, it was great for my ego. - Look at his cock Nick, look at it. Isn’t it big?Nick starred at me, not saying a thing. Pamela got down on her knees and grabbed my cock. She robbed it a few seconds and then kissed it, leaving the trace of her lipstick where she kissed.- I just love that cock, she said, it’s so much bigger than yours. Even know when it’s soft it’s bigger than you when you’re erect. Now pull your pants down honey, I want you to see how much Mark is greater than you. Nick didn’t seem to want to, he tried objecting- Come on honey, it’s not…- I said pull them down! she almost yelled He didn’t argue anymore. He started unzipping his pants and he finally pulled them down. What he had between his legs must have been one of the smallest cocks I had ever seen. I don’t know if it reached two inches. I didn’t know whether to feel bad for the guy or to laugh. Some of the maids didn’t seem to have this problem, they started laughing at him, pretty loudly. Pamela grabbed both our dicks in her hand and pulled me and Nick very close. It was obvious my penis was a lot bigger.- Come on, Nick said, it’s just too big. I mean, the guy isn’t real. He must have had an implant or something.- Now now honey, said Pamela, Mr Lupin is just more of a man than you are. Pamela was still on her knees and licked her lips for a moment as she looked at my dick. I was feeling so great, like I was on top of the world.- Ladies, who would have sex with my husband, Mr Hayton here? asked PamelaNone of the maids raised their hands.- And who would have sex with my friend, Mr Lupin here?All of the maids raised their hands. Feeling that much wanted was new to me. I was filled with pride and confidence. Pamela turned to her husband.- I’m sorry honey, but a girl like me needs to have some fun once in a while. For that, I need a man like Mark. You’re just… inadequate. And to be sure you won’t be having any of the fun tonight, I got this for you.Pamela then grabbed something from her purse and attached it on Nick’s penis. Upon closer inspection, I could see it was chastity belt. - What’s that? he asked- Don’t you worry about that honey, sit down right there. You’ll have to watch Mark pounding me with his big hard cock. See how a true man does it. And when we’re done, he’ll probably fuck our daughter too. I’m now in charge here Nick, don’t you move from here. Understood?- Yes honey…Pamela smiled and turned to me.- It’s time I gave you a little attention Mark…She started caressing my cock with one hand, got up and kissed me. I was starting to get hard, Pamela then turned around and bent forward a little.- Rub your dick on my ass, she ordered me, I want to feel it.That is exactly what I did. Her dress was so soft, it made me even harder. She moaned loudly as I was doing it. I imagined penetrating her in her wet pussy with my long hard dick. I think she was imagining that too. She turned around and stared at me. - Get ready to have some fun, she saidShe started to unzip her dress, I could hear it. When the zipper came to the bottom, she slowly slipped her dress off of her body, revealing her soft and pale skin. She was wearing nothing black lingerie and her high heels. She walked towards me, taking small steps and with each one, she was unclipping her bra a bit more. When she was only a few steps from me, she totally let go, revealing her big breasts to me.- Now, the real fun can begin, she said…To be continued…----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hi everyone, this is my first story, feel free to give me some feedback. Part 2 will be coming soon if people enjoyed the first part.- M

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