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but never had the nerve蹂躏办公室波多野在线播放
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but never had the nerve蹂躏办公室波多野在线播放

Don’s mistake turns to pleasure:- Chapter four:- the warehouse whoreThis is the fourth chapter in Amber's story, it is mainly fantasy on my behalf and I am enjoying every minute of it. I intend to turn my Amber into the filthiest whore I can, for us all to enjoy. Maybe then I can write some of her true stories milder but still exciting.Amber wore the outfit of a common street whore stockings short black high split skirt sheer blouse with a quarter cup bra, nipples hard and painted with bright red lipstick, her lips were painted with the same lipstick while her eyes were black has coal. She sat in the back of her husbands car, knowing where he was taking her, knowing she was going to be used again, but this time knowing she was going to be paid by whoever wanted to use her, Amber felt her pussy juices starting to flow as she thought about it her and Don had fantasised about her turning tricks loads of times, but never had the nerve, Ray had changed all that. Don drove to Park Street a renowned area for picking up prostitutes, parking half way between a pub, fish shop and an Indian restaurant he turned to Amber. “Ray will be here soon you better get out and get ready, remember use that alley way for blow jobs and cars for fucking, you remember all the pricing, and don’t take risks” Amber nodded has she climbed from the car removing her long coat, she felt a cold chill in the air blowing between her damp thighs. She walked away from the car, god Don thought she looked filthy arse waddling stocking tops and white thigh on show, he felt like paying her himself.Ray had bought the plot for the night, no way would Amber be able to ply her trade alongside the other girls otherwise. While Amber’s mind was contemplating this, she almost missed her first trick a balding man in his forties took her by her arm leading her towards the alley “not seen you before love” “I’m new” “best be ready for a busy night then darling” this bloke new all the pricing and procedure handing over twenty pounds while he started to push Amber to her knees onto the cold cobbles. He smelt a bit musky but he had a reasonably big dick and Amber licked the full length before lowing her mouth over him, she didn’t realise at that moment but she’d be glad he came so quick. For the next two hours she had a procession of men all taking her into the alley, mostly for blow jobs plus a couple of ten pound wanks. Her belly was full of cum she had savoured so much, her knee’s were bruised stockings torn lipstick and hair a mess. She also couldn’t ignore the fact that she had needed to wipe her own thighs she felt so horny, and felt ready to be fucked. That was when she got her first car pull over.She approached it has she did the window was turned down, she saw a smiling black face watch her approach….a black face, Amber’s mind raced a Black man she’d never…..”how much for the two of us in the back of the car” Amber stammered “£100 cash up front”“open the blouse lets see the wears first” Amber obliged a little to quickly “ fuck yea get in what do yea fink Elry” Elroy didn’t speak he sat behind Amber, hands going round the seat grabbing and mauling her still uncovered tit’s squeezing and pulling on her hardening nipples. This was what Amber was secretly longing for she wanted to get fucked to be a real whore she needed to get fucked.“Hands above your head sweety” Amber obeyed, then started to complain has Elroy attached handcuffs to her wrists, the driver silenced her, your in no danger we’ll take every care. “I’m Micky and me an Elry just like to have fun wiv white whores you’ll end up wiv way more than 100 quid” Elroy slid the blindfold on as the car pulled to a stop. The two black men helped Amber from the car and led her into a large warehouse, Amber could not see but she sensed there were other people in the room she didn't realise what was happening or where she and felt slightly nervous, but was sure Don and Ray would be close by. Her hands were once again raised above her head and hooked on something metallic, when she felt her whole body being lifted she new it was some kind of hoist. Her legs were then spread and tied at the ankle, at the same time both her skirt and blouse were cut away the felt the cold of the scissors on her bare skin, now totally exposed she felt very vulnerable. Amber behind her mask, could hear breathing and signs of approval “please what are you going to do to me I shouldn’t be here” she recognised Micky's voice he sounded quite menacing“were going to make all your filthy dreams cum true slut all of them”his hands stroked her tits weighing them, watching her nipples once again hardened smiling he started to pull them stretching them away from her body, Amber bit her lip with the pain. Then she felt hands on her ass cheeks at first stroking then stretching, then the first slap then the second third fourth, Amber squealed the hands began to stroke once more before more violent slaps. The two man assault continued both tits and bum cheeks turning crimson red. Then it stopped for a few seconds no one touched her Amber felt half insane her senses were so high behind her mask, she wanted to scream she was so turned on she just wanted to be fucked desperately.“Nipple clamps please” she heard a female voice, “we can all see your ready whore”the clamps were fitted and tightened one nipple at a time Amber's breath became fast and erratic the tighter they got “chain” the same female voice, it was fitted then tested a few tight tugs dragging Amber's nipples towards her toes she actually liked it. Then she felt fingers entering her cunt playing with her clit she felt it grow if it could get bigger, she pushed against the fingers wanting to get more inside her. Then she felt the finger in her hair and the mask mask being removed, at first the bright light blinded her but as she became accustomed to it she took in her surroundings. She had realised there were other people in the warehouse, how had they remained so quite she could only guess there were at least twenty men in front of her possibly thirty all looked half naked and hungry for sex. Right at the front of the crowd stood a lone woman completely naked but for super high platform shoes, her dark skin glimmering in the light she noticed how petite she was, she also noticed the men’s hands fondling her forcefully without one objection from her, she just wore a steady lust filled smile across her lips. All this she took in while fat black fingers pushed up her sopping wet cunt making her pant with lust.“Bring her down lets start the FUCKING party” these words came from the black lady known as Bet, the men untied her feet and unhooked her from the hoist pulling her sharply by the chain between her nipple clamps dragged her forward, Amber squealed with the pain, it didn’t worry her molesters, pulling harder they lowered her onto a leather medical type couch. Her wrists and ankles were strapped tight and then a handle was turned and the bottom of the couch opened taking Amber's legs with them, wider and wider exposing her cunt to full view, then the leg supports bent and her ass came into sight, finally her head support dropped and although still well supported her head was a the right position for her assaulter's.Bet moved forward pushing in front of her a small trolley a trolley filled with oils and creams, without a word she began anointing Amber's body with oils she started at her neck and worked down. Has she massaged in the oils she spoke to her audience, “who want to fuck her slut mouth”, a cheer went up, “what about this slack old cunt” another cheer and “who’s going to rim this shitter” the noise rose by multi decibels. That was when the first cock rubbed across Amber's lips her face black dick Elroy stood above her, her lips opened easily to take the long fat piece of black meat but what she really wanted was something in her twat to finish her massage.Bet must have read her mind her fingers finding her clit, a clit so hard now it was like a bullet between her fingers. Then once again she controlled her audience, she held up a finger, “one” they cried it entered Amber's cunt, two fingers and growing excitement has they screamed “two” soon four fingers were sawing into that sloppy hole if it had grown quieter all would have heard the filthy Amber begging for more round the fat dick in her mouth. Then Bet held up her fist with a big grin, the noise grew again “fist the bitch rip her apart, get all your arm stuffed up there” slowly all five fingers slid inside that well oiled chasm fucking Amber getting her accustomed to the size, then she moved her hand forming a fist inside her then she started to pump, thats when Amber had her first orgasm small but building in her body.Then her body was empty again except for the black cock in her mouth she was trying her best to please a cock which was growing in size and eagerness, ploughing into her throat going deeper and deeper, the crowds screams went up again has Bet’s finger was held up, this time she is massaging and opening Ambers anal passage “one” comes the cry then “two” everyone was getting closer yelling with excitement. The closest men could see Bet’s fist enter Amber's brown ring stretching and opening her wide Bet ignored the mess on her fingers, then they saw her other fist re entering her cunt inch after inch entered her it was like Bet was washing her hands in Amber’s holes. It was to much for the cock in her mouth Elroy started shooting spunk filling her throat to overflowing the filthy bitch swallowed hungrily swallowing her first ever nigger’s spunk, has he pulled away another smaller cock took his place she felt him tugging at her hair to force it home. Once more Bet removed her fists, laughing with the men seeing Amber's gaping holes the juices and body fluids dripping down her thighs.”she’s all yours boys”They needed no invitation. She was surrounded by men two dicks vying for her mouth,办公室娇喘的短裙老师在线视频 hands pulling at her tits and nipple chain the pain almost made Amber faint, someone, maybe more than one man was biting her tit and neck flesh. Then the first cock slid between her thighs it easily found its way into Amber's eager cunt, she was trying so hard to grind into him but her strapping's prevented her much movement luckily he wanted a quick hard fuck and he started pounding her twat stretching her to Amber delight. He didn’t last long and neither did a few others, she felt spunk shoot into her cunt at the same time ropes of cum shot across her lips cheeks and nose, and no small amount entered her mouth. Amber had no time to take it all in has more men took there places. They undid her straps releasing her hands, she controlled the two new cocks at her mouth sucking them in one at a time fondling there shafts and ball sacks, her legs were now free and she had her arse in the air taking what she thought was the third cock in her sopping fuck hole. She heard the men calling her the filthiest names laughing at her pain and what they were doing to her, and she heard herself moaning and begging for more cock needing more fucking, more spunk…... she new she was loving it.After what seemed like an age, but had only been an hour, Amber was a real mess her face and hair covered with sticky cum, sweat dripping from every pour, tits and thighs red bitten and bruised. Her nipple clamps had been removed (god that had hurt getting the circulation back while some filthy bastard chewed on them) There was a strong smell of sex everywhere and still so many hard cocks. Bet called a halt while she washed Amber’s body soaping and rinsing her it was a brief respite before it all began again. Amber was physically lifted and moved to a mattress her legs pulled back alongside her ears “look at that arsehole fuck I want some of that” one, two, three blokes fucked her shitter swapping places every couple of minutes, Amber was panting over yet another cock dangling over her mouth pushing down her throat while her hands were wanking two more throbbing dick. The blokes loved it when Amber had yet another orgasm has spunk jetted up her anal passage and spewed out round the fat cock pushing up her rectum. On and on it went cock after cock using her three holes, Amber never faltered loving and enjoying every minute. The filthier it got the more she seemed to like it. Taking her first black cock had really excited Amber, begging to be fucked harder and deeper they called her a nigger loving bitch, spunk loving whore. Then when she was sat over a cock to ride like a cowboy she couldn’t keep still, she thought what a slut she must look. They got her sat on one fat cock and bent her right forward, she thought she was going to get one up her arse like they’d done earlier, but she felt a cock head entering her pussy alongside the other, it made her moan with lust she couldn’t see the result it had has they pushed further up her sloppy chasm her eyes so full of lust rolled back into her head. She felt fuller than ever before men were screaming there encouragement, it didn’t take long before one of the men screamed he was about to come and has he shot load after load up her twat the other bloke followed quickly behind him, as they were slowly pulling out there softening dicks Amber started to squirt cum all over the mattress and much to her embarrassment this was followed by a stream of hot acrid piss flying everywhere she was swimming in cum and piss. If Amber thought that would be the end of her night she couldn’t be more wrong, she was simply stood up while the mattress was turned. This was the first time she had been able to take in her surroundings for some time, there a lot less men now in fact only about eight, at the back stood Don and Ray, they had watched every shameful thing she had done. There were also two men with what she could see were very expensive and professional video camera’s, god forbid Don the bastard had turned her into a porn star. All this was taken in but something else took centre stage being led towards her was a very big black man, he wasn’t young perhaps over fifty, but it was his cock that Amber couldn’t take her eyes off. It hung below his knees if wasn’t fully hard and was more than fifteen inches long and more than five inches round.Amber new it had been brought for her they wanted her to want it, and she new she wanted it, video or not she wanted to taste it, fuck it take every inch of that superb black cock in every hole.Unlike what had gone before, Amber took complete charge moving to this giant of a man she dropped to her knee’s and has she took him in her hands, she realised he was very nervous he was feeling this being very shy and unused to women letting his monster near them. She spoke gently to him so no one else could hear, she told him how much she wanted him all the time fondling his hardening cock and heavy spunk filled ball sack, he smiled gently down on her almost apologetic. Her mouth found the massive bell end already dripping with pre-cum, try as she might she could only manage the mushroom head, all the time smiling up at her lover knowing her men, her fingers sought out his bum hole not entering just caressing across the hole feeling his growing excitement. Her mouth moved away from his cock letting it drop to his thigh, fuck me I want that black cock in my slutty cunt then I want it up my arse, then I’m going to lick you clean I’m a filthy white bitch for your pleasure. With that she lay back spreading her legs as wide as they would go.Twenty minutes later twelve inches of fat cock had entered Amber's hot cunt and Robbie (her lover) was starting to pump her, the effort had caused them both to sweat like pigs, but now has he pumped the remainder of that fat monster cock disappeared her cervix opened he was in her womb. Her legs were round his waist and she was hanging on and screaming through multi orgasms has he pounded into her. Robbie came quite soon flooding her fuck hole with hot sticky jelly like cum,Robbie after being so shy had changed totally he pulled back his cock still rock hard he pressed it against her brown ring, being so wet and well used it started to enter easily but then it got harder Amber was screaming in both pain and ecstasy “fuck slowly hold it there….fuck... god... it’s splitting me in two” steadily Robbie fucked inch by inch into her shitter, he knew he would last a long time and he couldn’t believe he’d found a women who would let him enter her arsehole he was watching her bum hole opening up to take him she was amazing every inch filled her, when we say last more than forty minutes passed before he finally filled her rectum with gism, has he pulled a softening dick from her molested stretched arse purple and red from use all the time he’d been up her bum she had begged him to fuck her up her arse shoot me full of nigger spunk turn me into a black cock whore. Amber was still having mini orgasms has he pulled out. His cock still semi hard moved to her mouth he stank now but neither of them cared, he rubbed it across her lips and she pushed her tongue out licking at the dirty shitty fat black dick, she didn’t stop until he was completely clean, then she fell back to the mattress with a broad smile across her lips.Her audience were still stood astonished at what she had just watched, Don had watched from close up as Amber's cunt had stretched and stretched, but when he’d been upher Arse he thought she’d be turned inside out. He loved his wife but he was glad he had let Ray talk him into what had just happened, and looking at Amber she had loved it as much if not more than him. He was ready now to clean her up and take her home. Bet and Ray had other ideas. She quickly sat over Amber’s face telling her to start eating “you've had your fun know your going to eat my cunt and arse till I cum” Ray had his chopper out and started feeding it down Bet’s face “fuck Bet you must be one of the best cock suckers around” Don couldn’t believe it another bloke was climbing between Amber’s legs a big grin on his face sliding his dick into that soppy messy cunt. “lick my arse you shit loving slut get that tongue right up my bum” Amber obliged licking away while wrapping her legs and pulling in the bloke who was fucking her. None of them lasted long spunk flew from Ray’s cock all over Bet’s face dripping all over Amber, at the same time her cunt was getting another coating and her mouth being flooded with lady cum for the first time in her life. Bet didn’t move she kept her weight on Amber, suddenly she was pissing filling Amber’s mouth flooding her, up her nose all over her “drink it whore drink my piss come on everybody piss on her pee up her cunt she’s a filthy fuck toy finish her off” cocks surrounded her pissing on her tits and belly she chased the piss with her mouth laughing in her excitement. Don couldn’t miss his chance he slid his cock up her cunt releasing his hot urine into Amber’s twat. FUCK, FUCK, FUCK what a night. Amber was a real sight covered in urine spunk and shit, her stockings torn and laddered one hanging round her ankle her knees bloody, tits neck and inner thighs covered in bites and bruises. Ray Bet and Don stripped her completely and wash her gently removing has much of the mess has possible in the warehouse. Dressed in a warm dressing gown Don drove her home and put her into bed.She slept for more than twenty four hours, Don received a copy of the video late the next day with it came a note from Ray. 32 cocks 1 cunt 87 fucking's up her arse, cunt and mouth. Can’t wait for our weekend at the farm.