Game Play

On first viewing Fliparoni may appear to be a standard slider puzzle where you have to slide tiles around to form an image or number sequence. In these games the pieces are just rearranged and the real puzzle is not the visual aspects but the mechanical process for determining the sequence of sliding tiles around to move a given piece into position.

Fliparoni pieces are not only rearranged but can also be flipped sideways, vertically and rotated.
This technically makes 16 different possible combinations for a piece even if itʼs in the correct position. Fliparoni is very much about visual acuity and recognizing a piece even if itʼs been flopped or rotated in a different location. The actual process of moving the pieces has been made as simple as possible and provides the user the option of moving any piece anywhere at anytime.

In addition to this complexity is the added dimension of moving video. Fliparoni is the only video puzzle game for the iPhone. Each image on a piece may be updating every frame so clues to the correct placement and orientation are constantly changing. Video clips may be from a simple static camera, a complex moving camera with a lot of action or may be very abstract moving images. These images determine the difficulty of the puzzle.

All of this makes Fliparoni a unique game on not only the iPhone but on any platform.

Game Value

Fliparoni is ideal for the iPhone. Users of all ages can quickly understand the basics.
It can be played fast enough that users can do it while waiting in line or it can be set to be as complex as possible and require the user to spend time and concentrate. Thereʼs no need to complete a level or to play in any particular order.

Itʼs customizable enough to allow the user to determine the level of play they want. The choice of still or videos along with the game settings allows for users of different ages and abilities to play the game. As their abilities grow they can adjust the game accordingly.

Fliparoni comes with 20 videos and 20 stills. There are now over 20 videos available for download with more in the future. Users may have hundreds of images in their own photo album they can use.
This makes it a much more long-term game compared to simple puzzles that come with a handful of images.